Is a PS3 worth buying in 2019?

My cousin brother has a PS4, on which I play occasionally. He lives near the street, simple walking distance to his home. Someone nearby is selling old PS3 which has 120GB of storage, 2 controllers and all the necessary stuff for about 120$ (when I convert). Is it worth buying in 2019? As far as I know, you dont need to purchase games on PS3 as long as it is cracked, so practically any game I want to play will be free for me. I have a pretty good internet connection too so no issues there. I’ll be able to play classics such as GTA 5, God Of War III, CoD BOPS II etc. The question is, is it worth buying in 2019 and at that price?

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7 thoughts on “Is a PS3 worth buying in 2019?”

  1. I have a gen 1 big PS3 that’s backwards compatible for PS2A games. $120 for that would be reasonable. Not selling it but also not using it. Keeping it in storage till I can have a proper setup so it’ll have ventilation and dust covers.

  2. I see used PS3 320GB with one pad and 3 games for 40€ (poland), so I guess You can get better deal on amazon or whatever You use in your country. I also see used PS4 fat 500GB with pad and no games for 135€.

  3. Never buy the fat PS3. You never know when they will YLOD. I think the first slim was the best version and you could probably get it cheaper than that.

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