Is anyone else playing Green Hell? This is by far the best "survival" game out there that I've played.

I’ve played a fair amount of those early access survival games so it makes me happy to see a fully released one that has a story along with solid polished gameplay.

This game is most comparable to The Forest but it is more grounded to reality and has a more complex survival/crafting system. The easiest way I’ve been able to describe the game is:

It’s [Primitive Technology: The Game](

I didn’t hear much about it after release but I’m assuming it’s because this genre has been ran into the ground by the countless early access titles. I just feel this game deserves a chance since it actually released and it has a pretty fleshed out story (so far).

Spoiler tags requested if you talk about recipes or later game mechanics, this game’s discovery plays a huge part of its charm.

EDIT: [Steam Link](

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9 thoughts on “Is anyone else playing Green Hell? This is by far the best “survival” game out there that I’ve played.”

  1. Does building free structures have a forced straight mechanic?

    I loved the forest, but I hated how creating perfectly aligned and even structures is a nightmare because you just have to eyeball it. If I want to make a perfect square platform, it usually ends up looking like a weird trapezoid shape instead.

  2. How much of the game is player vs creature and how much is player vs environment?

    My favorite survival sandbox currently is still there long dark because I like the balance better

  3. (I’m out of date on this because I played it when early access started. I haven’t played any of the new updates or the latest 1.0 release, FYI.) I really liked Green Hell and sunk a bunch of hours into it. It really captures what I like most about The Long Dark: the environment itself is the biggest opponent. I don’t enjoy fighting off wolves in TLD or avoiding Jaguars in Green Hell, but I do love just trying to find food without dehydrating/starving/freezing.

  4. Died to a snake I did not hear on Normal, couldn’t craft any bandages or anything so had to repeated the whole introductory.

    Said nope and uninstalled/refunded.

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