We’ve got Cyberpunk 2077, Bloodlines 2, STALKER 2, Mount & Blade 2, Baldur’s Gate III (made from Divinity devs) Seems like the old PC classics are coming back big time. Niche RPG’s like Wasteland 3 and Elex 2 are doing well. We’ve got a few big mainstream IP’s like Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age. Not to mention a lot of Japanese series are being backported.

It seems like 2020/21 will be a crazy year.

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27 thoughts on “Is anyone else super excited for the next couple years?”

  1. Every year gives us new games to be excited about. We’ve got so many amazing games in the last few years too that I remember seeing the reveals for. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for us.

  2. I also waiting for Beyond Good and Evil 2, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Atomic Heart, Dying Light 2, and a few indie games that I don’t remember the names now

  3. BG3 seems interesting and most likely a buy at release, but the other ones don’t seem interesting to me.

  4. In addition to the great new games on the horizon, I am also looking forward to seeing what happens in the VR space. Hopefully the tech will drop in price, becoming more accessible mainstream, and new developing gameplay features become a norm along with new VR content.

  5. I am more worried about how the industry is going tbh

    also mount and blade 2 is basically the winds of winter now

    The big b’s of bethesda and bioware are no longer as trusted as they used to be with me

    I have seen no gameplay from cyberpunk all I have seen is hype
    does gameplay footage even exist of it yet

  6. A lot of interesting stuff hardware-wise as well.
    Navi, Ampere, Zen 3, DDR5, and possibly a dedicated GPU from Intel.

  7. TES 6 won’t come out at least until 2024. Sure Bethesda can rush it out sooner, but that would be the death of them.

  8. Upvoted simply because this wasn’t some shitty thread about how horrible everything is and how loot boxes or Epic or (insert shitty thing here) is ruining gaming.

    Thanks for the sliver of light friend.

  9. No, I don’t get excited anymore.

    I can’t play AAA-Games anymore. They are not made for Hardcore-Gamers anymore, they are made for Casualscrubs that rather pay 10€ for a XP-Boost instead of playing the Game the normal way.

    TES6 in 2023 will be a Live-Service, as will the next Dragon Age be (if BioWare doesn’t get shut down before that).

    STALKER2 is not even in Development yet, not sure if they even found a Publisher yet.

    Bloodlines 2 is a complete crap-shoot, we are not even sure what Genre it is.

    Cyberpunk will probably be decent, but I had a few problems with Witcher 3 already. They will probably want to streamline Cyberpunk even more than Witcher 3 – which I will hate.

  10. As excited as those games get me, the rise of epic games console exclusive garbage is annoying as all hell. As was seeing bethesda royally screw up Anthem and mass effect. I hold little hope they will get better (looks meaningfully at Dragon Age), but I’d love to be pleasantly surprised.

    I also don’t like the games as a service movement the industry is taking. In other words, we aren’t buying finished games, we’re paying recurring fees (and more money in the long run) to play mostly finished “services” where things that used to be part and parcel of a game (customization, skins, animations like MK fatalities) are being sold as microtransactions. This is bad for us as consumers.

    I don’t like how the new advertisements are “embedded” with streamers and youtubers who might not actually have to disclose they are being paid to say or not say something. Games journalism is in a weird place now, especially when publishers hold back early review copies to prevent people from making informed decisions. While we’re here, the hype culture is band-wagonning at best, but hype is a bit of a gray area. I get excited about stuff, and I like nerding out about shit, but its very easy to fall into the trap on that one…

    I’m an early VR adopter, and the rift’s ability to track eyes worries me, mostly because Facebook won’t just let that sit there without figuring out how to pop ads in front of wherever they expect me to look. I also strongly dislike Oculus’s walled-garden approach to VR. But I stuck with the Vive/Index, so I can’t really whine all that much about it.

    Politically, I dislike nation states making calls on what gets published. This is a bit more nebulous, but seeing the Chinese government flex on game companies ins’t exactly a great precedent. Hopefully it turns out like the anti-videogame violence thing from a few years back, but I have no idea about that one. With a market share as big as China’s, for example, how many developers will stand on principle?

  11. >Stalker 2

    If you think that game is coming out anytime before 2027 then I’ve got some bad news for you..

  12. Cautiously optimistic.

    It’s impossible to get hyped for something anymore because you never know if it’s going to be garbage or filled with identity politics.

  13. Well i would be if i wasnt going off to college so i wont have time or money to play any of those games

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