16 thoughts on “Is Black Ops 4 (currently ) worth my money?”

  1. Just save it for something else. The game only gets worse with each season. If you get it now, expect them to only want to take more money to get the entire season pass if you wanted any extra maps, or to open up some loot boxes to get some of the new weapons they just added.

  2. Absolutely. I’ve been having a great time with it. I haven’t noticed the monetization because I refuse to acknowledge it’s there. I just run around and shoot people.

    Get it for $12 on humblebundle monthly. You have about five more hours to get it (and a bunch of other unannounced games)

  3. Definitely not, i got it last month in the humble monthly and still haven’t been able to get it running more than a few minutes before crashing because of memory leaks.

  4. Ok so apparently you don’t seem to like it because of the season pass and all that stuff, I don’t really care about micro transactions, but I’m heavily concerned about the optimisation (stuttering and frame drops) more than anything else, it’s also worth mentioning that I just want the classic multiplayer, not blackout.

  5. I’ve had the game since launch, it to like 7th prestige and stopped playing. I believe it is now a shit show

  6. Never played a CoD in my life, but got it for free and I’ve been having a lot of fun so far, and yeah I’d say 12 bucks is a good deal for what you get. Sure there’s the season pass and annoying loot boxes with guns behind them but it’s not like I’ll be buying those, and I wouldn’t really care for $12, plus the other games that’ll unlock tomorrow.

    I haven’t had any performance issues, runs surprisingly well actually and I don’t have a beefy PC. 970, FX-8350 and 8GB RAM so quite old these days but runs solid 60fps 1080p, no crashes.

  7. On Xbox or ps4, If it’s not 30 bucks or less, then no. Especially considering modern warfare is about to drop in a few months. If you can run it on pc, then get it from humble bundle for like 12 bucks before the monthly deal runs out and then cancel the subscription.

  8. It’s worth $12. I have an aging i7 2600k GTX 970 8gb of ram and it runs ok at 1920×1200. If you have a better pc than that you can run it maxed out.

  9. All i can say is im not experiencing those drops. Stays around 120-135 throughout. Gtx1070 paired with I7 8700k and 16 gigs 3000mhz ram. (1080p) aa toned down to medium

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