Just purchased Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequal for really cheap on Steam. I’ve never played the series, just wondered people’s thoughts on the game? Do I need to play the first Borderlands to understand the 2nd?

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13 thoughts on “Is Borderlands 2 worth playing?”

  1. Yes, it is. If you plan on playing both I’d start with the first one. The second one improves on a lot.

  2. I recently beat borderlands 2 its a great game. way better when you play with friends.

    I also purchased the pre-sequal yesterday never played it. ive also never played Borderlands 1. so have fun. you’ll enjoy it. also i found playing on xbox controller to be better

  3. A lot of people seem to revere Borderlands 2 as some golden-child of shooters. For me it’s pretty lackluster: run around collecting ten-thousand different colored guns of the same six weapon models, which do 10% more damage to shoot at enemies with 10% more health.

    The humor falls flat, but again heaps of people seem to love it so it’s probably just me who’s out of touch

  4. Well if you’ve just purchased them you might as well play them. Also you should’ve asked this **before** you bought them

  5. BL have “rough” interface and shallow character builds. But it have good story, that is base for BL2. Actually BL1 Remaster added minimap to UI recently 🙂

    BL2 is the best game in the series, with better interface (it’s still console oriented, so inventory management slowly killing me :), great story and characters.

    BL:TPS is like very big BL2 DLC, so it’s actually less exiting.

  6. In terms of writing it’s closer to character driven than plot driven. You don’t really need to follow much in terms of plot and you won’t get lost.

  7. I loved Borderlands 2 but i disliked Borderlands 1, the pre-secuel is… meh. You don’t actually need to play the first one.

  8. First one is very ancient now it’s filled with shitty fetch quests and very lack lustre. Just play it for the story.

  9. BL1 and 2 are phenomenal.

    BL1 has much better revolvers and it does loot drops and atmosphere better. BL2 does skill trees and map + enemy variety better.

    Pre-Sequel has an excellent main story but lackluster maps, enemies and side-quests. It was developed by 2K Australia which is why it doesn’t have that Gearbox magic that makes 1 and 2 so much fun and timeless.

  10. So many opportunities t to buy this game for really cheap and I still don’t buy it. The game ist grindy AF from what I heard, graphics look like a browser game and I’m not interested in playing co-op.

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