So, I’ve been looking at EpicStore and some of the titles they have on sale.

The general consensus here seems to be that Epic is somewhat unreliable/undesirable?

As someone who doesn’t really bother with any of the fancy features of Steam, or has no particular loyalty towards a single platform (Steam, UPlay, Origin or GOG), is there anything that should put people off from using Epic?



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31 thoughts on “Is EpicStore THAT bad?”

  1. stealing your personal data and sending it to china is one thing i would be wary off. Most people dont like it because its purposely limiting where people can play which is just shitty.

  2. Security concerns, lack of features, and anti-consumer behavior is the main problems.

    I think their image would be a lot better if they didn’t strong arm their way into the market through exclusives.

  3. Nah. Missing convinient features like cloud savegames. Shitty store UI with pretty much just scrolling an endless page. No userratings of games.

    What put me of tho is the, let’s say, questionable handling of user data.

    If you aren’t concerned with any of that, I’d say go for it.

  4. I’m also not really loyal to any platform and some missing features I would probably survive, but I’m not touching Epic.

    Security problems and with buying games there I would support anti-consumer behaviour. 3rd party exclusives on PC platform.

  5. Forget all the other many reasons, deflating Tim Sweeney’s ego is pretty much the only reason a person should need to not use Epics store.

    He so delusional he thinks he’s the savior of pc gaming.

  6. Don’t forget, they don’t have a shopping cart. A guy got locked out of his account because they decided someone buying 5 games in a row was ‘suspicious activity’.

  7. Yes. My account was hacked 3 times within a week of its creation. Never once had this issue until epicstore. It’s a bad platform and game companies are jumping on the “its new and popular” bandwagon. That’s why BL3 is an epicstore exclusive. Steam is better in every conceivable way. It’ll die soon.

  8. It’s missing a ton of features, that’s pretty much it. Also for the conspiracy theorists tencent owns a portion of epic. (And reddit and discord)

    It’s also a bit cpu heavy, they definitely need to tune it some more but they have a public roadmap so you can see what they’re prioritizing.

    You can buy and launch video games from it otherwise. It’s doing things to benefit large and small developers. Take that how you will.

  9. Its……fine. They lack a lot of basic features, but im of the mind where I can look past the basic stuff if you are giving me a good deal on something, or if im playing a F2P game like Dauntless.

    At least to me (and a lot of people) there are two HUGE concerns:

    1) Account Security. It’s shit, and on a digital platform where you input your information and credit card that is unacceptable. People are also concerned about TenCent having a stake in Epic. I don’t know if anything has come out of PROOF there is shady stuff going on, but coupled with the lack of personal security it’s certainly implied. Also, if you use a VPN client to try and protect yourself, your account gets banned. In the age of digital privacy that also is unacceptable. Imagine if any launcher required you to turn-off your firewall, disable Anti-virus, and give it admin privileges to your computer. That’s a huge over-exaggeration but still, you should be able to protect your information especially if they don’t provide security themselves.

    2.) The recent trend of them buying exclusives. This is a case of “buy with your wallet”. No one wants to be FORCED to use a program that compromises their information in order to play a certain title. But also, we as gamer’s don’t want the industry to go into this direction. The main thing you can do is just…. not give them money. Can’t buy up exclusives if people don’t come to your store.

    It’s a shame what the Fortnite money has done to Epic and Tim Sweeney. It’s like Icarus flying too close to the sun. They made bank and rushed to take down the Steam Giant, but are making people hate them in the process and will soon burn for it. In a different timeline they could have gotten the gamer’s on their side first, put the money they are raking in into their platform infrastructure rather than buying up exclusives, and THEN once your have the playerbase, content library, established platform, etc. having your name in the industry would come naturally.

  10. I dont care about most steam features and EGS seems to be doing its job as game launcher just fine: click launch icon => game launches.

    However I’m not willing to get anything from EGS, not even the free games. I like having my game library on steam and strong-arm tactics don’t work with me.

    Since I have hundreds of unplayed games in my steam library and dozens of games I want to play in my wishlist it’s quite easy to forget EGS exclusives exist.

  11. The fact you call steams useful features (including a shopping cart and not being locked out of your account for buying many individual games at once) “fancy” tells me that you DESERVE the epic game store and they deserve your support.

  12. nah it works okay, it’s missing a ton of features and is pretty barebones but works fine, certainly better than the windows store (but that’s not saying much).


    I’m a mercenary not a missionary, I don’t give two shits where I get my software as long as it’s the cheapest I can get it.

  13. Their business model is pure shitbag greed and they are partnered with a Chinese government owned company. I’ll never give those shitstains a cent.

  14. It’s not really bad, but not particularly good either. They’re way behind on their roadmap to add features to the store and it’s still pretty barebones right now. If you want to get games in the sale and you don’t mind the lack of features, go for it.

  15. After Fortnite exploded, a lot of people were snooping around trying to hack Epic accounts. I had a few issues with that after I saw a lot of logins to my account (I had one for when I tried Unreal Engine, I even still had the $30 that Epic gave away to the people that bought access to UE4 before it went free), but fortunately the hackers never touched anything, as my CC wasn’t registered. After changing password and enabling 2FA never happened again.

    These days I use the store for Dauntless only. Any other exclusive, for now, I just play on my X1X (I’m not that picky with framerates… Most of the time). The store it’s bad in that it’s lack of some QoL features already present in other platforms since day one. Browsing and discovery can be improved a lot (right now it’s just a lot of scrolling) and I’m kinda missing the achievements. Hoping they implement those soon. User reviews and a shopping cart would be nice too.

  16. I feel positive towards it. It has good regional price adjustment towards my region and the store is curated. They brought some PS4 exclusives to PC and Dauntless and Fortnite have cross platform with xbone and ps4 (don’t know if this is related to EGS).

    However I’m concerned with the security. Even thought Steam had many leaks, you don’t hear as much as fraudulent purchases with Steam so I’m afraid of giving EGS my card details.

    I enjoy playing the free games / giveaways atm.

  17. epics customer service is so shit they sent the entirety of a customers account info to the wrong person. their store is so barely functional it doesnt even have a shopping cart. and not to mention their beyond horrible security.

  18. Epic store has a nice design with the best regional price. It lacks some features like reviews and cloud saving for now.

  19. It sucks now at this moment, except if they are selling some game you want especially cheap. Then again in a year it’s probably going to start to have been improved and in couple years they’ll be having a good portion of the market share

  20. Yes, Epic is that bad. I’m not 100% loyal to Steam. I watch /gamedeals and buy from various sites (Greenman Gaming, GOG, Fanatical, etc…) With Epic exclusivity, this takes the choice away from me and forces me to use Epic if I want an exclusive game. And that means paying more, less choice. Epic is evil and needs to go away, it is not good for gaming consumers.

  21. I dislike the Epic Store because it is missing many things that I’ve come to expect from a store (the Epic Store is not the only store guilty of this – Origin also upsets me with its lack of what should be standard features). For example, the store pages for games are bare-bones, lacking a decent number of screenshots (in my opinion the current number of screenshots on game pages is not enough), good descriptions (descriptions are often short and lacking enough information to sell me on a game) and customer reviews. There is no wishlist, something I find extremely inconvenient (again, Origin lacks this too). Navigation is not as fluid and intelligent as Steam for example (to be honest even the sweetheart GOG could improve on its navigation). The refund system is insulting. These are some of the criticisms I have towards the Epic Game Store specifically.


    You will find, however that a lot (and by a lot I mean the vast majority) of the hate towards the Epic Game Store is due to people’s dislike of Epic Games and their practices. To be fair, most of that dislike is justified, but the fact remains that the Epic Game Store needs significant improvement.

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