I’ve been having this happen to me a lot lately, ever since free to play MMORPG’s came out I never really played games that weren’t “highly reviewed” or “the most played”.


Which game would you guys think you would be playing (living, breathing and religiously)?

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13 thoughts on “Is it me or reviews and streaming stopped me from playing so many games?”

  1. It’s basically the same for me, except it’s YouTube. I watch so many playthroughs on yt that I never end up buying the game and playing it.

  2. Yeah, it’s for a number of reasons though. Most of all there are so many avenues for entertainment out there. There are so many pieces of media competing for attention. On top of that, it’s healthy to pick the most popular games so you can have a shared experience with friends and family.

  3. Reviews and streamers have stopped me from playing a lot of bad games. I’d vaguely considered Days Gone until Cohh Carnage showed that the gameplay was literally just a lazy copy/paste of Red Dead Redemption 2.

  4. that’s funny given that many games these days are “highly reviewed” by game “journalism” (like 8-9-ish, rarely 7). Streaming on the other hand

  5. My 8 year old brother plays only popular games(your usual trash games, LoL, WoW, Fortnite and others) because
    “ThEY MuSt Be goOd bEcaUSe TheY ArE pOpULaR”

    Think it’s pretty normal among kids

  6. YouTube reviews certainly helped me with avoiding picking up bad apples from the basket. Streaming on the other hand rekindled my passion for classic PC gaming and console gaming (emulated).

    Edit: You just have to manage your time between trying new games and watching streams. Definitely do not do both at the same time! Your full attention should be only on a new game you’re playing for the first time.

  7. The more games you get the less you will sink into a single game. Currently have about 100 games installed.. but I don’t know what to play. When I start a game and it gets too tricky I turn it off and try another game. And so on.

  8. Im more interested in following games seeing them pop up than playing them. Im very stuck in my tastes and I haven’t played many good rpgs or shooters in recent years. Taking a dip on indies for my switch was a huge step for me that payed off. But I’ve played maybe 5 games in as many years that I genuinely loved. So I go back to warframe and cs:go all the time :/

  9. I take reviews on forums and YouTube with a grain of salt, typically I don’t read any reviews and I have never paid attention to a streamers opinion. If you’ve been gaming for 20+ years, your own research by watching gameplay and reading a games forum from people playing is enough for me to decide.

  10. Same. But this is a good thing. Saved me from wasting even more money on games I’ve never gotten around to playing. My Steam library is chock full of a couple hundred games I’ve never played because of impulse buying bundles and sales in the past.

  11. Most people that only play the “highly reviewed” or “most played” are generally the ones complaining that there is nothing to play. I’ll take my retro games and indie titles all day….more games to play than I’ll ever have the time to play them.

  12. If anything not having a source I like enough has led to me gaming less. There are a bunch of games I played after watching “WTF is…” or his later shorter format.

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