So presumably all of the incarnations of Princess Zelda are related, because they are all part of the royal family of Hyrule… and all the incarnations of Gannondorf are related because while Gannon is eternal, the human form of Gannondorf is the soul male born to the race of the Gerudo every 100 years and as the only male he is presumably the father of, if not himself then of his mother or grand mother.

What about all the incarnations of Link though? There is no clear evidence (that I could find) that any of them are related and few if any of them come from similar backgrounds or walks of life before the start of their individual games.

I’m curious what everyone else thinks

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5 thoughts on “Is Link related to himself? (LoZ)”

  1. Blood of the Goddess and Spirit of the Hero.

    All Zeldas are descendant from each other. All Links are reincarnations. I think a few are descendants of other Links though.

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