with RDR II now confirmed coming for PC this November, I am very hyped to get a copy of this game on my PC. I’m too impatient with the Steam release and forget about EGS. I am thinking of purchasing the game on Rockstar’s new game launcher.

Just to check, is Rockstar Games Store reliable as Steam? Do I have the risk of having my credit card and personal info hacked by someone? I don’t want to throw my money on an unreliable storefront (cough, Epic Games, cough).

Thanks for your clarification!

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11 thoughts on “Is Rockstar Games Launcher secure and reliable?”

  1. I mean does it matter? Like if someone comes on here and says “nah they are super unreliable “ and gives an example is that going to change your mind? Just buy the game, remove your credit card and move on.

  2. Epic has never had credit card information stolen, Steam has. Let’s stop acting like Steam is the Jesus of security.

  3. You have to install the Rockstar launcher even if you use Steam. Steam just launches their launcher now.

    You have no choice.

  4. They’re brand new as a store, so there’s no information yet. You’ll require the launcher to play the game anyway, so either way you’ll be using it.

    Just buy the game and then remove your credit card after the charge has gone through, you won’t have to worry then.

  5. I just purchased Boarderlands 3. I bought epic key at substantial discount on Ebay. The key worked great. Game runs great on my integrated graphics and I have cloud saves

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