2 thoughts on “is there an easy way to launch a windows store game with an xbox controller?”

  1. The Xbox companion and the Xbox (beta) app. They do not support controller inputs.

    Best bet to go 100% controller is to go via steam. There’s a program you can add as a non-steam game that acts as a invisible game, allowing you to use steam’s controller settings on the desktop and W10 apps (something only the steam controller can normally do). This way you can have your controller mimic a mouse and keyboard to launch the game, then hit a bind to swap it into Xbox one Controller mode (eg, long-press start to swap modes)

  2. Are you able to add the game as a non-Steam shortcut? If yes, then you can use Steam’s Big Picture Mode (which can be launched by holding the guide button on a gamepad) and then launch the game through that.

    Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings > Guide Button Focuses Steam. I believe that’s the option.

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