Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of any aim trainer programs that will analyze your performance and can automatically tweak your sensitivity to find what you best perform with?

Does such thing exist?

Thanks in advance!

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5 thoughts on “Is there such thing as an aim trainer that will automatically adjust your sensitivity?”

  1. That doesn’t even make sense. Sensitivity is personal preference so a program isn’t going to know your preference on its own

  2. No. That would be 2 subjective. The consensus is that you should use the lowest sensitivity that you can, but that’s only a rule of them.

  3. Dont mess with your sensitivity. You set it at a confortable value and then train your muscles on it.

    Changing the sens randomly because you overshot or undershot is weird. Imagine riding a car but it randomly sets the accelerator faster or slower even though youre applying the same force with your foot each time.

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