40 thoughts on “is this a misdirection to something way bigger ?”

  1. So making games like they were Doing 10 years ago? Kinda funny they are advertising their “no loot boxes or micro transactions” like a positive thing. They shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  2. They will make the transactions a lot more expensive and call them “macrotransactions” from now on.

  3. “We’re not adding loot boxes because you will kick off, so we’re just going to overhype the game and produce more garbage you will pay $59.99 for and we didnt have to waste time coding more stuff and can go on to the next overhyped garbage game”

  4. 99 bucks special edition starter pack. 50 bucks **first** season pass. Day one DLC (not included in season pass). +50GB day one update.

    Did i forget one of the major players?

  5. I hate how they act like this is somewhat praiseworthy.

    Good job EA, you are releasing a game without the filth, shit and cancer you have smeared over your games over last decade. Good job I guess.

  6. I do wonder what happened behind the scenes after the news saying Disney was displeased with how EA was handling the Star Wars franchise.

  7. Not in front of pc but…

    Scooby and the gang demasking DLC to find Microtransactions under it.

    Prepare for:
    * Day 1 Season pass for the cut out content.
    * Pre-order for purple lightsaber skin and Han Solo blaster exclusive.
    * DLC as skins mortal kombat x style.
    * 15 minute long DLC content spam throughout the year, (packing 2 maps, a skin and the pride and accomplishment)

  8. This is people’s one chance to show this is what you want. If the game is decent then people need to buy this or it will give credence to EA. They will justify all loot boxes and shitty behavior on people’s lack of engagement with this game.

  9. They sound so defeated in their post. Weird, it’s like people don’t enjoy that stuff and will eventually push back from being told to spend more money for bullshit… who would’ve guessed? /s

  10. All the people doubting this don’t realize this game will actually be made by Respawn (makers of Titanfall). This is one studio that seems to actually be run by video game fans, not greed.

    Titanfall 1 had DLC and a season pass, but all it did was give advanced access to maps, which were later added to the main playerbase for free. Titanfall 2 had same DLC strat and cosmetic only MT, while still giving plenty customization for free through achievable in game unlocks. (not the EA “sense of accomplishment” bullshit)

    If it was only EA developing this I wouldn’t believe it either, but Respawn has earned my trust and I have faith (and hope) the DLC for this game will be reasonable (but it won’t be free)

    Ever since Titanfall 1 I’ve been hoping they make a Star Wars game with this engine, so I’m pumped to see what they do with it!!

  11. “Hey!” said the company who did bad things, “I will not do these bad things anymore”. “Prove it first” said the customer.

  12. It could still have 8 different versions at launch, platform and retailer exclusive bonuses, preorder bonuses, season passes, season passes that don’t include all the dlc, day one dlc, on disk dlc… did I forget anything? They have lots of leeway to fuck it up. But no loot boxes or mtx.

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