30 thoughts on “It’s a Foggy World”

  1. Takes me back to playing 2011 Minecraft on an e-Machines laptop.

    “Tiny” and 6fps lag spikes were just part of the experience

  2. So if one were to obtain a crazy powerful GPU would the islands in subnautica render from further away or is the island generating purposefully done that way???????

  3. My GeForce FX5200 used to shit the bed in San Andreas if it was foggy, couldn’t even manage over 20fps at 640×480

  4. Oh I get it because with shitty gpu you have to set the render distance at like 10 feet for it to be playable, causing a ton of “fog” in the game.

  5. This is why silent hill and other PS2 survival horror games were so popular because they used the hardware limitations to their advantage.

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