40 thoughts on “Jesus take the wheel”

  1. # Always the same, first I took that cross for you, now I have to take the wheel;


    # You’re welcome, my child.

  2. This looks almost identical to a map in the 64 game Beetle Adventure Racing. I’m wondering if it’s a real place.

  3. General Reposti

    Darth Stealious

    Zero effort the Hutt

    Jango Theft

    Commander Copy

    Reposter Rex

    Darth Plagiarism the Unwise

    Clone Trooper

    Abscond Jinn

    Duplikit fisto

    Ki Fraudi Mundi

    Master Stealfo dyas

    Anakin Stealwalker

    Count Twoku

    Master Olda

    Mace Winduplicate

    General Thievous

    Count Dooplicate

    Scam Weasel

    Robmé Amidala

    Poggle the snatcher


    Loot Gunray

    Repost Tano

    Barris Copy

    Kit Reposto

    Shaak Thief

    Ima Gun Duplicate

    Han Stolo

    Grand moff taken

    Captain Steeli

    Stealer Geerera

    Bodhi Took

    Jabba the thug

    Ah the repostiator is here

    A prequelmeme to be sure, but a reposted one!

    General Thievous… You’re older than I expected

    Your clones are not that impressive, you must be very ashamed.

    Watch those wrist reposts

    Are we blind, deploy the downvotes

    Oh no the reposter

    A repost to be sure and an unwelcome one

    Guess I was wrong, there was no OC at all

    Master, reposters

    I don’t like reposts, they’re rough, coarse, irritating and they get everywhere

    now THiS is reposting

    You’ll try reposting that’s a bad trick

    This is where the repost begins

    We will watch your repost with no interest

    I will deal with this repost slime myself

    I don’t think the OC works

    The ability to post does not make you original

    Only a sith deals in reposts

    It’s over OP, I have the high karma

    You were supposed to destroy the reposters not join them!

    What about the repost attack on the OC?

    My powers have doubled since the last time I saw this post OP

    You are on this subreddit, but we don’t give you the rank of OC

    Fool, I have been trained in repost identification arts by Count Dooku

    I downvoted them all, they’re dead, every single one of them. And not just the reposts, but the shit posts and the OC too. They’re reposts, so I downvoted them like reposts. I hate them!

    You ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagiarism the unwise, I though not, it’s not a story the mods would tell you. It’s a reddit legend. Darth plagiarism was a dark lord of reposting. So dumb and so unoriginal, he would use the sort by hot to find good posts and creat reposts. He had such low knowledge of posting he couldn’t even keep the karma he loved from dying. The dark side of reposting is the path to many disabilities some considered to be unnatural. He became so weak, the only thing he was still afraid of loosing was his reposts, witch eventually of course he didn’t. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice reposted his post. Ironic, he couldn’t keep others karma from dying, not even his own

    General Reposti, you are an old one!

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