13 thoughts on “Journey lands on the Epic Game Store next week for $14.99 USD ($4.99 on sale right now)”

  1. Damn, it’s 11,99€ in Europe. Since it’s under 15€, we don’t get the Epic Sale discount. Still a good price though, but I hope this game will come out on steam eventually.

  2. 7 years after the PS3 release and an Epic exclusive, oh well. Maybe it will come to Steam or GOG eventually.

  3. I’m glad I played this a week ago on my ps3 for the first time. It’s a short but thoughtful journey game.

    Once it’s released on steam after a year or so and it being in my price range I will definitely add it to my game library. A must buy

  4. Annapurna can Gtfo with their exclusivity deals as far as I’m concerned. Not buying anything from them anymore.

  5. Damn, that’s a shame, keep hearing good things about this game, and I thought the game was already on PC, and that made my hopes get up to get it in the near future, now I know it wasn’t, and now I know my plans will have to be delayed.

  6. A former goty on epic game store! Steam can’t save you now lol. I am going to pre-order right away!

  7. LOL people are downvoting an all time great game making a pc debut for 5 bucks? Is it really that difficult to download another launcher? It must be so hard for some of you people to even get out of bed in the morning.

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