25 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves has the second most amount of dialogue in Cyberpunk2077, only behind the main character itself.”

  1. If Johnny Silverhand doesn’t say ‘Woah” at anytime through the game, I’ll be mildly disappointed.

  2. It works both ways, completely put me off the game. Hopefully he’s optional? Same way if Witcher 3 had a mandatory Nicolas Cage companion.

  3. I wonder what that means about the rumors for *spoilers* >!the other two “childhood idols” you can select? If he has the most dialogue then what about them? Supposedly Silverhand is one of three idols you can select at the beginning of the game which I guess can affect stats and playstyle?!<

  4. After the success of this publicity stunt, every AAA game is going to have celebrity npcs. It’s going to be cringy AF.

  5. Elsewhere in gaming new: No Lightsaber Dismemberment in Jedi: Fallen Order.
    No wonder this game is getting pre-ordered despite a lot of people being over all of that mess. These developers have sure earned this respect and success lol keep the Keanu news coming too!


  6. not sure how I feel about that, I think keanu being in is cool, but it would be best if he were just a minor character, this sounds way too much, even forced perhaps

    I’m afraid I might get tired of him

  7. That’s concerning honestly. I like Keanu Reeves (as a person not an actor) but I think he should be a side character

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