KFC Dating Sim dev claims Kotaku charges $1500 for quoting their review

KFC Dating Sim dev claims Kotaku charges $1500 for quoting their review

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20 thoughts on “KFC Dating Sim dev claims Kotaku charges $1500 for quoting their review”

  1. Is this legal? Is charging for a quote even enforceable?

    Edit: thanks for the replies guys, especially the ones with links for further research.

  2. So are they charging him for an ability to repost the entire review on different websites or just being able to quote parts of it? Because if it’s the later then good luck trying to enforce that.

    Also as someone on Twitter said – people should then start charging Kotaku for an ability to review their games

  3. I’d just like to point out that this does not yet appear to have been corroborated or commented on by other news sources or Kotaku, and that, as this dev even points out, the actual staff writers at Kotaku are likely completely in the dark about this kind of thing.

    There’s a serious allegation here, but let’s all keep cools heads about it!

  4. Even if this is true (which is doubtful because the tweet has been deleted), it’s honestly not a big deal to charge a megacorporation like KFC that much.

  5. Well bullshit on that. Fair use. So long as it’s a small quote, and properly sourced, Kotaku has no right to lock it up.

  6. anyone who doesnt already know this is really naive. the whole news system for entertainment lives and dies by this. you think some random article about an actor’s life happens because the editor wanted a story about him? no, his ad agency paid for him to get mentioned because his movie is coming out. same for game reviews, game mentions, dev stories etc. i think almost every reviewer i’ve seen have been honest at the start just to get followers but they’re just waiting to look honest enough to get bought. i dont even bother with professional critics anymore. sometimes when a game is really good, i check out some to circlejerk the game. that’s it. i never trust it. so i have absolutely no doubts that the op post is real.

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