29 thoughts on “Kids Empty Their Parents’ Bank Accounts After Exposure To FIFA’s Gambling Mechanics”

  1. Man I try so hard to like Jimquisition but after like 3-5 minutes of him rambling i start falling asleep. He talks too fast, and all his video footage is boring as all hell. I agree with the points he makes, but damn I don’t get the guys appeal.

  2. It’s painfully obvious that it’s their parents fault for not limiting access to their bank account. Why make a full video out of it? Bad parents are being bad parents. Big surprise.

  3. Who the fuck is giving their children free reign of their credit/debit cards? That’s the real question

  4. What‘s the big deal? Did that with kinder eggs too when i was young…

    Edit: y‘all need a sarcasm detector. How do you empty bank accounts buying chocolate?

  5. Because the only way a kid could steal money is from a game, right?

    SMH. Kids could just as easily buy shit on amazon, or buy xbox live $$$, or buy steam gift cards.

  6. Kids Empty Their Parent’s Bank Accounts After Exposure To ~~FIFA’s Gambling Mechanics~~ Parent’s Credit Card

    Gambling is ruining video games, but not because bad parents give their children credit cards and expect them to “be good.” That’s just a bad parent.

  7. This video (in typical youtube gaming pundit style) misses the larger point. The parents that Sterling tries to make out as victims of a horrific industry did not take even the most basic of precautions. They didn’t even keep track of their bank accounts for a long period of time. This was allowed to get as bad as it got because the parents were not even exercising _basic_ common sense banking.

    There is also another core issue with his “think of the poor parents” argument. We are not in the 80’s and early 90’s anymore. If a parent has a kid that is young enough to do this unintentionally, the parent is (more than likely) young enough to be at least tech savvy on a very basic level. These are people that grew up with either video games or online marketplaces in some form or another and as a result, should be expected to know _basic_ security precautions.

    One final issue. Sterling is (as is usual with him) trying to make this _all about_ the evil “trrippplle AAAY” publishers and their lootboxes but this is simply a digital storefront security issue. It would be _exactly the same issue_ if those same parents had left their credit card info on the kid’s steam account or their battle.net account. If you leave your CC info on your young kid’s account, they are going to abuse it even if they don’t immediately understand that they are abusing it.

    The parents are not the victims of the game industry here. They even openly admit that they should have taken basic precautions. This isn’t even really a loot-box exclusive issue but is instead just a cautionary tale for parents that should simply reinforce what they already know about common sense banking and account security. This isn’t advanced computer nerd stuff we are talking about here. The parents didn’t even check their account records! That is something _every_ person should do at least a couple of times a month.

    I am sure that this will get Sterling a few more dollars in his already bloated patreon account but he is doing just what I would expect the youtube gaming version of Alex Jones or Sean Hannity to do.

  8. Any parent that lets the kid have uncontrolled access to credit cards and bank accounts deserve this 100% I have no sympathy. But yeah, loot boxes suck.

    Edit: People snuffing at the idea of personal responsibility? Not surprised.

  9. A child *borrowed* parent’s CC to purchase gambling boxes in FIFA. That’s terrible, but what’s exactly the difference between this situation and any other, where kid impulsively abuses stolen CC? After all it might as well feel compelled to get new games on Switch, subscribe to Netflix to watch favorite cartoons, buy toys, ice creams, donate to the streamer, literally anything else. Do you guys really believe that only lootboxes are meant to attract child’s attention? Even (or maybe “especially”) toys, a product targeted specifically at kids, are doing it

    I know that Jim Sterling has a huge hate boner against corporations and their unethical practices but come on, at least pretend to not be totally biased. That’s why I stopped watching him, it’s just impossible to take some of his opinions as trustworthy anymore. He’s just another one of these outrage channels on Youtube

  10. That’s good. People who don’t keep their bank accounts safe do deserve to get rekt by their kids.

    I do dislike the idea of gambling in games, but this sends the wrong message. People being careless about their money are the ones at fault here. If EA didn’t exist, these kids would have spent the money on sweets or toys or guns or whatever.

  11. We should change the headline to ” Parents are also irresponsible dolts.” Let’s be honest, the companies these days don’t care about you or your children, only the bottom line profits. They are companies, it’s what they do. Teaching your children the difference between right and wrong and that actions have consequences seems to be more rare than a billionaire child who can afford the perfect dream team on FIFA.

  12. As much as I agree with the video and discussion, it soon becomes a repetitive chant on how it sucks with a lot of swearing and bad sarcastic voice…

  13. Butbuow can you blame this on EA?
    Psychological manipulation is everywhere, in day to day goods we use contain surprise mechanics and often adults purchase more than what they need from supermarket due to manipulation using arrangements of goods, visual feed back, choice overload etc.

    Parents should be aware about the ways their money can be threatened in this modern day world and it’s everyone’s responsibility to save it.

  14. Game needs to have updated ratings and ways to identify it has lootbox microtransactions (currently there is none)

    Only FIFA and NBA2K19 to my knowledge are rated E/PEGI 3 which should be bumped to at least 16 because of its microtransactions


    Parents should be more careful on letting their child having access to their credit cards, there are already ways to do this

  15. So dumb irresponsible parents are not at fault?

    Are you going the same way as extra credit and blame developers for this?

  16. “surprise refund demands” for every product they sold for its initial sale value adjusted for inflation.


    in case you find a physical copy of, say, any EA title ever.

  17. No Pin, receipts sent to an old (and full) inbox. Let’s keep it real here: Do you have any idea how many emails it takes to fill an inbox? Do you understand the sheer level of neglect involved in associating accounts to an old, virtually unchecked mail? No, my guys. It’s fine crying about the poor “tricked” parents but this is not “normal person” usage either.

  18. and one more repeat of the same story.

    This will keep happening as long as there are lootboxes.

    Maybe one day lootboxes will be straight up outlawed or classified as gambling. I would love to see the faces of EA execs when/if that ever happens.

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