6 thoughts on “Kingdom Under Fire 2 is finally coming to North America”

  1. So they’re releasing an abandoned MMO? Seems like Blueside is completely done with it.

    >Unfortunately, the developers of blueside studios were forced to choose between the support of the Russian version of Kuf 2 and the new project. We have nothing left but to make their decision: the war with énkablosom is officially finished.

    >The Developer told us that currently working on new projects that require a lot of resources.


    Sounds like it might be a quick cash grab by Game Forge or something. The whole thing is kind of odd.

  2. now thats a name I haven’t heard in awhile.

    IS this anything like KUF: Circle of doom? loved that game back in the day.

  3. Kingdom under fire on the original xbox was so fun. I loved that game, it’s too bad there isn’t a pc version of those old ports.

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