33 thoughts on “Kojima on him joining Konami in 1986”

  1. “Complete one game before you die”

    Goes on to make some of the most revered games in history, leaves konami, joins one of the biggest gaming companies in the world and creates his own game studio. Yeah fuck Konami.

  2. He made metal gear solid.. for the other 2 people on reddit who are out of the loop and don’t know who he is.

    Also made penguin adventure

    Edit: Thanks for my first medal!

  3. Tbch I’ve never played a single MGS game. They just don’t interest me. But Kojima’s story is pretty inspiring. Literally just set your mind to it and you can do it.

  4. The G. O. A. T

    I’m shocked at how far I have to scroll down on the daily posts on gaming that are along the lines of “what game do you consider perfect/a masterpiece” to find Metal Gear being mentioned.

  5. He didn’t just make games. He made experiences and unforgettable memories.

    And tricked the entire world once.

  6. As much as I have made fun of Kojima and his games I have to admit the man has helped make and develop some great games.

  7. >Complete at least one game before you die.

    Kojima has worked on it created:

    Metal Gear Solid franchise

    Death Stranding

    Penguin Adventure

    Boktai franchise

    Zone of the Elders franchise

    Crime Life GW

    “Project S”

    SD Snatcher



  8. Because Japan is a shame filled culture does anyone think after Kojima became a very successful game designer that the people who talked down to him and belittled him felt any shame or at least remorse they treated someone poorly? Or maybe this just justifies it in their mind. “See, I brought him great shame because he was a failure and now he is a major success, shaming works!”

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