36 thoughts on “L A S E R S”

  1. This clip is from my upcoming game about Kelvin, a boy whose parents have become fatally boring.


    If anyone is interested in following progress, please check out my bio for where to go!

  2. Given the somewhat similar nature of the games (challenging platform segments), I’m wondering: is the red cape an homage/reference to the player character from *I Wanna Be The Guy*?

  3. Looks like a game I’d throw my controller trying to play lol. Sure a lot of people will love the challenge though.

  4. Holy shit balls!

    I can’t imagine how many times I would have to die before I finally got that pattern down.

    This would be perfect for the Switch. Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Looks nice, the only thing about it jumping out at me is the player’s sprite doesn’t seem like it fits in that world. Like there’s a pretty obvious art style/quality difference there.

    The sprite is nicely done, the animations on it are nice, and the background/world looks nice. But they don’t really match each other.

    It’s like those old flash games on newgrounds where people would rip sprites out of other games and stick them with sprites from different games. Like throwing Super Mario 1 sprite in to Megaman 9 or something.

  6. based on the title, my mind instantly went to f o o k e n l a s e r s i g h t s from r6s but then I got hooked by the flashy visuals and what looks like fun but challenging platforming

  7. I think my cat would love this game. Can you put a mode in it where the dude is dressed up as a cat, but he actually tries to catch the lasers?

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