49 thoughts on “LAN party. Just 4 guys in their 30s having an old school LAN night.”

  1. Hell yes boys. That’s what’s up. I’m 28 and still have a weekly lan night with dudes from highschool

  2. Plot Twist: 12 people were invited but only 3 showed up because everyone else had something come up.

    This is our lives in the late 20’s, mid 30’s…

  3. Until I read about VR in a comment I thought the guy in the weird green pants was also wearing a turban and was holding 2 xbox controllers!

  4. Hell yeah
    Started doing it again too with a friend. It’s still a blast.

    Pizza + halo + couch = nothing better

  5. God I miss those days, staying up all night eating pizza and mt. Dew playing cs go and soldier of fortune. Now if I did this I’d feel like death 🙁 gotta get those 8hrs

  6. I’m 34 and whenever I mention I play video games to other adults I know I get a look of “oh, so you refuse to grow up” wish I knew more people my own age love gaming.

    Edit: I appreciate all the comments, nice knowing there are so many 80s gamers still going strong. Who knows, our paths may have already crossed online.

  7. Guy on the far-right really confused me, he’s my doppelganger. I spent a good 5 seconds thinking ‘I don’t remember going to this, those are not my cool pyjamas!’

  8. So what was your record for deciding which game to play? And how much time went into just copying each others porn?

  9. There’s always only ONE difference in LAN party pictures of us in our teens compared to late 20’s/early 30’s… and that’s a bottle of liquor.

  10. Damn, that is so badass. I’m like more that jealous. Don’t take this for granted! You’re lucky to have these bros

  11. So, what did the three of you play? (While the 4th guy spent 2 hours trying to figure out why he can’t see anyone on the network.)

  12. I don’t see any 75lbs CRT monitors.

    Seriously though, good for you guys…this brings back great memories of Quake 2 in 1999.

  13. We all know LAN nights just don’t last long enough. It gets fun like 10 hours in. LAN weekends/retreats/weeks should be a thing.

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