31 thoughts on “Let’s confuse kids nowadays”

  1. Let me use this as a platform to ask the question WHY THE FUCK are videogame startup sequences not: 1) controlled by the in game volume 2)skippable

  2. I see people in these comments bonding over their shared terror whenever they saw him look back for the first time.

    Me too man, me too. Let me know when y’all are doing therapy and we can carpool.

  3. Dude kids know what this is

    Edit: replaced now to know in order to please all who read, my mind after just waking up at 5 is not very good apologies

  4. “Wow I played a valve game pls praise me, haha kids these days = funny funny” comedy gold I don’t know a single kid with a pc above the age of 10 who hasn’t played tf2

  5. You’re right, kids sure wouldn’t get this! Not like it’s a logo for one of the largest video game companies of all time or anything.

    What’s next gramps, you gonna show them a floppy drive?

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