Let's name the character together!

There’s an upcoming lifelike detective game that has a program where you can name one the characters if you got enough referrals. I already asked friends & family to leave their email address, but I’m stuck at 56 referrals. I need a total of 150 referrals to name the character.

Let’s name the character together! Link => [https://kickstarter.crimibox.com/?referralCode=c0tA3Yf](https://kickstarter.crimibox.com/?referralCode=c0tA3Yf)

I’ll pick the name suggestion with the most upvotes!

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31 thoughts on “Let’s name the character together!”

  1. Read a detective where the main character was named “Declan”, and i really liked the name. Good luck on getting to name them!

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