41 thoughts on “Level progression I did on CryEngine with roughly 4 hours of work.”

  1. U can see some LOD issues with the fern on the center tree log lol. I didn’t feel like going down chasing its cause so I just left it as it is.

  2. This looks absolutely great work. I have a shower thought type of question. Say, if you would keep working for a month, would you even know what on earth to keep improving? Would it become even more realistic? Or is there a limit-like factor where it just doesn’t add up much?

  3. Very well done dude and this should go to show people how much time it will actually take for game devs to make games because it took 4 hours just do this small, but gorgeous, spot

  4. Great progress! I find the third image to be my favorite. Its a lot cleaner and the colors really lead you up to the tree trunks in the middle of the image.

    Great composition!

  5. Looks great! I’m interested in starting game development soon as a hobby and I’m wondering if you have any advice?

  6. as a still photo #3 is good enough, but i’m sure if #4 was moving it would look just as amazing. Keep up the good work…. pretty impress you was able to do all that in 4 hours.

  7. Are you video game designing?
    I am a composer/singer/songwriter looking to make connections for collaboration. I will work for free, for the experience and love of it. Pls let me know if you would be interested or can direct me to someone who might be. Thank you

  8. You could probably add Volumetric fog throughout instead of just at the back? I haven’t used it in a while.

  9. Personally, I’d stick with the third image + fog from the 4th. I know moving water is tricky but a moving texture always ends up looking bad. Also, add a small amount of color to that fog for some nice results. Only suggestions though, do what you like.

  10. Looks like a couple hours worth of work using pre-made assets and tools, this really isn’t an accomplishment. The river in the 3rd stage beats the shit out of the final stage, too.

  11. Fun fact but I won a Crysis map making competition back when Crysis first came out.

    Won a trip to Germany to visit the Crytek studios and shit.

    Map I made was called “Induction”

    Cryengine is too damn easy to make things look pretty.

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