24 thoughts on “Lightsaber Combat In Jedi Fallen Order”

  1. So lightsabers don’t cut things anymore, that’s a bummer, and yes, this is the first time I’ve seen anything about this game.

  2. This game looks awesome, the review are great, but i can’t help be fucking annoyed by the lack of dismemberment.

    The clone wars had Ahsoka cutting off 4 heads in a single jump spin ffs. Why cant we cut stormtrooper to pieces ?!?!?

  3. I get why they don’t cut people in half immediately (due to the health bar, it’d be weird cutting someone in half when they are still at half health) but I’d like it if they were finishers.

  4. My question is, does the combat really play like Sekiro’s? I honestly thought Sekiro had the best melee combat of any video game in recent years. So addicting. And so much more than just a clunky and slow hack n slash. I’d say the combat in Fallen Order is a dealbreaker for me. I also plan on playing it on the highest difficulty..Though I wonder if the game’s that difficult to begin with.

  5. I’m kinda of tired of combat on trains. It always feel formulaic. I dont blame the devs, I mean it’s literally on rails(ha) so not a lot of wiggle room with what can be done. I dont know, it just feels boring.

  6. I love that this game can be challenging at times but still lets you mow through enemies like this every now and then.

  7. Damn, this jumping from wagon to wagon reminds me of a star wars game for the n64 (shadows of the empire) that was super hard. I always fell down and died instantly, if I remember correctly. And there was also this guy: [https://i.imgur.com/nmuees7.png](https://i.imgur.com/nmuees7.png)

  8. Game looks great and the light saber combat system looks way more fun than battlefront 2s, but yet people are legit filled with unbridled ANGER because there no dismemberment? Guess theres always something to be outraged about

  9. Damn, everybodies pretty butt hurt at the (lack of) dismemberment huh? If thats the only thing worth complaining about then the game is probably fantastic.


    I mean, I still don’t trust it because EA nor will I give it any money because EA so even if its amazing I wont be playing…but seriously guys, get something real to complain about.

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