I haven’t bought a new card yet so I’m not experiencing remorse or anything, I just expected a bit more from the best card out there.

Performance is great now for 1920×1080. Most games will get above 144fps at max settings. Battlefield V and GTA V are a little bit lower but I’m sure one change will hit that.

To be honest I expected a lot higher scores, I expected the card to be very future proof. Is Cyberpunk going to run at max settings 144fps? Is Halo Infinite going to hit it? Will Overwatch 2?

Maybe I’m expecting too much. I just wanted to get a break from the routine of lowering more and more settings as time goes on.

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21 thoughts on “Looking at 2080ti benchmarks, I’m a little underwhelmed.”

  1. At 1080p your limiting factor is the cpu not the gpu. Cpu lines up the frames and the gpu fills them. The 2080ti is much better suited for 1440p or 4k where you will utilize it best.

  2. OW2? No problem. You could do that with a 2060.

    Halo Infinite? I’m betting it will.

    Cyberpunk? Highly doubt it.

    You’re comparing apples and oranges here – Overwatch is a very light game. Halo Infinite I doubt will be insanely heavy.

    But CP is a heavy AAA game with raytracing. Expecting way too much for those AAA games (see Control).

  3. I was considering upgrading my GTX1080ti but it really doesn’t outperform my GPU to justify the price. Raytracing is obviously much better on the 2080ti, but I’m think I’ll hold off now for the next generation of cards.

  4. What’s your computer specs?

    I have a 1080ti and it still blows though all games…

    Do you have good ran, good cpu, good drives?

    You might be bottlenecking

  5. Exactly. This is the problem with all the idiots that claim it’s price is somehow justified. It’s just like 25% ahead of a 1080ti, it would be a basic generational leap if it was priced the same as the 1080ti at launch but it’s a lot more so it’s not really a step forward at all. Even though the term “future proof” doesn’t really make sense, the 2080ti is in no way a card that could be described as such. There are no “future proof” cards right now, hopefully next gen there will be something that is overkill enough at the time to be considered futureproof. I mean Nvidia can by all teams keep their Ti cards at such a ridiculous price but they need to actually delivery some groundbreaking performance.

  6. 2080Ti’s aren’t meant to be played at 1080P, that’s like buying a Lambo and only ever driving it in 2nd gear..

    >To be honest I expected a lot higher scores, I expected the card to be very future proof

    It isn’t in Nvidia’s best interest to make “future proof” products. AND plus, the technology the game developers use to make their games is constantly evolving, meaning they will require better and better hardware to run them.

    >Is Cyberpunk going to run at max settings 144fps? Is Halo Infinite going to hit it? Will Overwatch 2?

    * Cyberpunk with its Ray Tracing and graphical implementation, is probably going to be a game best run at 1440P or 4k (on an IPS panel so it looks amazing) and capped at 60FPS.
    * Halo Infinite – Will easily get over 144fps on very high settings on 1080P, will probably get 90-120 at 1440P and I’d bet will easily do 60FPS at 4k
    * Overwatch 2 – Blizzard optimize the shit out of their games. Will easily do 60FPS+ at 4k

    >Maybe I’m expecting too much. I just wanted to get a break from the routine of lowering more and more settings as time goes on.

    … As new games come out, they require better hardware to run them at max settings, or if you’re using older hardware, turn down some settings.. it’s.. what do you expect the game dev’s to do? Stop innovating on their engines so the graphical quality never improves?

  7. i only get enough satisfaction with 32:9 5120×1440 while these try hardu competitive gamers are crying because they cant get more then 144 OMEGALOL

  8. From what I’ve seen, really if you intend on getting a high-end card like the 2080 Ti, you most likely also have the money to buy a high-end CPU like the 9900k, or 9900KS, which pretty much are at the top of the charts for gaming benchmarks. If you don’t get something near that level with your card and you’re primarily interested in top-of-the-line performance, then whatever other CPU you get is ultimately just going to be the primary limiter.

    At higher resolutions as time goes on, you can probably expect a combination of hardware like that to start fading in a couple of years, but at 1080p and below, I can see the card still going strong, the CPU might be the thing that goes first if anything. So, at lower resolutions you might have something that is ‘future proof’ that you won’t have to lower settings as much, but it’ll eventually happen one day when graphics reach that level. I personally don’t mind lower resolutions, because it affords me some extra time when obsolescence starts to kick in.

    It won’t happen overnight, but the 2080 Ti of today will probably be the mid-range card of tomorrow, perhaps at two-thirds the cost.

  9. What do you want a 2080ti for? You’re thinking of buying one to play games at 1920x1080p. As you’ve said yourself, most games will get above 144fps at max settings. Hell – I’ve got a 2070 and I get 90fps on most games max at 1440p. Given that 1080p is roughly half the resolution, even a 2070 should pretty comfortably get 144fps at max settings 1080p.

    So why do you want a 2080? Do you need to get more than 144fps? Are you hoping to play Cyberpunk (a single-player, non-competitive RPG) at 300fps? And if so, why?

  10. If you upgrade to 1440p you will basically see no drops in frames. Your CPU is the bottleneck here at 1080p. Upgrade to 1440p, it’s not a compromise, it’s fantastic. 4K is overrated, because 144hz exists. You get one or the other not both.

  11. My old 1080 Ti died, so my hand was kinda forced with getting a 2080 Ti. It has a large boost in performance at 1440P. I’m running games that previously couldn’t maintain 120FPS, at a step higher detail level and higher FPS at the same time. The ray tracing is nice if you don’t mind a massive FPS cut, but i love my 120FPS, so i don’t turn it on.

  12. Even the 9900K bottlenecks the 2080Ti a little bit. You need to ensure your CPU is keeping up with your card. The 2080Ti excels at higher resolutions so you’re effectively gimping it by running it at 1080. Going higher resolution will allow it to spread it’s wings, so to speak. Just make sure you got a strong CPU to put out those frames and you should see it perform better.

  13. Halo infinite will be super easy to run, it has to run on xbox one and have splitscreen added back…

    I don’t know how they’ll do it considering H5 was already pushing xbox one and they had to cut splitscreen on top of that.

    So now they’re targeting 60fps, and adding splitscreen, and releasing it on xbox one… yeah, it may not look the greatest in a lot of areas.

  14. But Nvidia had all of those long green bars that were longer than the other coloured bars…and there were a bunch of bombastic descriptors being thrown around by some dude in a black leather jacket so clearly its *the* gpu to buy. RTX off.

  15. 144p is not something you should focus on. In short: above 60 is fine for most singleplayer games, fast SP and casual MP you want more than 90 and in competetive online you want that 144 but keep in mind that most competetive games put you in disadvantage if you select high graphics settings, mainly due to overal simplicity of low settings makes targets easier to acquire.

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