34 thoughts on “Maintain Situational Awareness”

  1. When other people play Battlefield, they get these awesome and fun highlights

    When I play Battlefield, it’s me running for 5 seconds and then getting sniped in the face

  2. I’m really in need of a new fps game, I’ve been thinking, is bf1 good(considering “nobody” plays bf4 anymore)?
    (My pc has a 1050 in it)

  3. Haven’t played this game specifically, but I know I always checked my 6 when I saw someone on my team got knifed. Some bastard just snuck up on a teammate, it might’ve been the one near me!

  4. 5 man squads. Those sure were something, huh?

    Oh wait, let’s totally fuck over friends that play with 5 people next game instead.

  5. Man, Battlefield 4 was one of my favourite fps games. Knife animations, levolution stages, giant maps. Seriously some of my happiest moments gaming.

  6. Amazing, battlefield made it onto the front page of the sun without it being negativity over the game series.

  7. omg i still remember the days when i used play locker with 3200 tickets and doing 250-300 kills…those were the days !

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