10 thoughts on “Make your own Elgato Stream Deck”

  1. Great tutorial for those who don’t want to shell out the cash for a pricey Stream Deck.

    That said, my Stream Deck is a friggin’ godsend for my gaming PC. I can easily press a button to change my audio sources without fiddling around with Windows settings. I can quickly change out scenes, audio channels, and view overlays with the press of a button. And, best of all, I can program so many soundboards to annoy my friends online.

    Their software is incredibly robust, easily configurable, and stable. Stable being the most important aspect. I’ve used so many other programs from vendors whether they’re profile creators, macro key boards, audio software, etc., etc., and I’ve always had trouble with those programs spazzing the fuck out at the most inopportune times. Not once with the Stream Deck.

    Elgato’s Stream Deck is amazing. Hopefully, they’ll lower the price soon so that more people can enjoy it.

  2. There is also a free edition for your phone. Just download a app and use your phone. Maybe just buy a phone stand and you are good to go.

  3. I can respect the effort to help people set it up cheaper, but in all honestly even compared to this the streamdeck doesn’t seem like bad value. The ability to put icons on the buttons is a lot nicer than printing them out. Also if I understand what I’ve heard about them correctly you can do stuff like having them be context dependent or at least having buttons that can switch from one set to another, right?

    It’s a nice tutorial but this is a case where I think I’d be more likely to use the nicely packaged version.

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