Use this post to look for new friends to game with! Share your gamer tag & platform, and meet new people!

This thread is posted weekly on Mondays (adjustments made as needed).

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43 thoughts on “Making Friends Monday! Share your game tags here!”

  1. Yowdy, just built my first PC yesterday, looking for some people to game with on steam or other platforms. Name King Flippy Dippy on steam! Down to play just about anything, especially if its free

  2. I actually like this idea so I’ll give it a wild shot. I just recently got in to FFXIV Online. I’d be up for some dungeons and stuff, I’m on the Odin server (Kai Heartfyre) or my PSN is DaintyGhost747 but I’m not on ps4 as much

  3. Rul3b00k on steam and anything pc related, Rul3b00k_gaming on ps4. Always looking for new people to play with. Especially Apex right now with the new season.

  4. I’m patricks_spirit on Steam. I play PC games, primarily puzzle adventure (think of the classic Myst games), walking simulator (Gone Home or Dear Esther), and hidden object games.

  5. **PSN** – LevelWithYouKen

    **Xbox One** – LevelWithYouKen

    Shoot me a message and let me know you are from the reddit group so that I don’t mistakenly block you.

  6. (Xbox) Atlerix

    Hey! I’m a casual player who loves to goof off in Halo, Overwatch, and Warframe!

    I love games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Dark Souls etc. Shoot me a request!

  7. Xbox – crimson3518

    Hit me up people! Just tell me you’re from reddit and I’ll catch the drift.

  8. **PSN**: Rondanator

    Been playing a lot of Apex lately and popped in GTAV. Also looking for a laid back fireteam for Division 2

  9. Psn: imxslicer
    I am from Europe and play all kind of games, mostly shooters though (apex,battlefield, division)
    Would be nice to find some dudes as non of my IRL friends are gamer.

  10. Xbox: BangsMcgee
    Mostly play Destiny 2 right now with a fairly active clan. Always need more people to play with though. Online mostly late night

  11. FreshmenJoe on steam, my picutre is a little sister from bioshock.

    Just let me know you’re from reddit; I play a bunch of different stuff

  12. This is a nice idea šŸ™‚
    League: 1snohwhite
    FFXIV: snohtail or snohwhite (suddenly spacing 0.0)

    I also stream these mainly actually, so might be in my stream beware :p

  13. PS4. I’m American but I live in China. My wife and I play Destiny. Looking for some other folks who like to join. Maybe other couples? PSN Alusavin. Let me know you are from Reddit.
    People in similar time zones even better.

  14. PS4: beanietheman …. play a load of different things, a lot of FPS and rocket league (of course)

  15. Xbox: Hallvalis
    Pretty active and I mainly play Destiny 2, Sekiro, Starwars Battlefront 2, Titanfall 2. Feel free to hit me up when ever.

  16. Xbox: Bl0odm1st

    Shoot me a friend request if you need a decent Apex player (I find myself in solo queue more than I like)

  17. Steam: Akky86, play VR FPS games and just dabbling with No Man’s Sky and Elite Dangerous, NMS will be awesome when the VR patch hits.

    Also PSN: Akky86_ (Note the underscore!) Borderlands HJC, Division 2 and CoD Black ops 4.

  18. Bsertie on Steam. Iā€™m not really a competitive gamer, but I would love to have some more gamer friends!

  19. GT: MiniJewWarrior

    Starting a new dark souls adventure from the beginning to end.
    First timer. Wish me luck!!

  20. Steam: id/TaPaK_is_FUBAR

    Short is just TaPaK

    I wish to play more CS:GO because I finished all the games in my library

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