Use this post to look for new friends to game with! Share your gamer tag & platform, and meet new people!

This thread is posted weekly on Mondays (adjustments made as needed).

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40 thoughts on “Making Friends Monday! Share your game tags here!”

  1. my xbox gamertag is Flopy Pingas97

    my switch friend code is SW-4214-5502-6142

    if you wish to add me let me know first

  2. You know what would be a better use of your sticky? Stuff about the biggest days for game reveals? No. Okay. Then carry on I guess. I’m sure the whole 8 people that use this thread really appreciate it.

  3. AllThePlumbus on XBL.

    Recently got sucked back into the black hole that is Destiny 2 I’m 699 power and not playing alone most of the time would be sweet!

  4. I’d love to play old school EverQuest TLP or Total War Warhammer with people.

    I’ll add my tag if anyone wants to (at work).

  5. I’ll have to add my FC later, but I’m in HI looking for folks to play with. 🙂

    Nintendo Switch
    Warframe, Minecraft, Spla2n

  6. My Xbox gamertag is **sidslothy**

    I usually play GTA V, but I have game pass so I’m down to play whatever’s available hmu

  7. Hey, **iKingMida23** on PS4. Currently playing with COD:BO4 and NBA 2K19, planning to buy the new MADDEN 20, 2k20. Feel free to add me.

  8. Xbox one GT: NightmaresOnDMT
    Playable: Monster Hunter World, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, PUBG, Red Dead Online, and alot more.

    Currently Play: Monster hunter, PUBG, and Siege
    Message me through Xbox.

  9. Username across most platforms: CrippledPoet

    On Xbox, PlayStation, switch and PC. Recently got into FFXIV and have Division, Sea of Thieves and a number of stratagies, shooters, you name it, across all. Got discord too!

  10. I’m really looking for patient overwatch players that can endure rlly bad teammates as me xD my tag is shannonkanon and I’m german if that makes any difference. Ok thx bye ☆

  11. (Xbox) Atlerix

    Casual player who loves goofin around in any game. Mostly Halo, Warframe, and Overwatch.
    Big fantasy and science fiction fan. Dragon Age, Witcher, Mass Effect.
    Hit me up to shoot the shit, maybe make a video or two for YouTube

  12. Hey everyone, my Xbox username is KimKGamer666. I’m currently playing Rise of the Tomb Raider but it would be fun to play some multiplayer Rocket League.

  13. I play Fortnite and ROBLOX mostly. My ROBLOX is DeadlyEntity143 and my Fortnite is iiDxstortion.

  14. PS4 – PSN: Kung-FuCaribou

    I play mostly Destiny 2 and GTA for the racing. I also just got Titanfall 2 and im loving it.

    I’m super self conscious on a mic so I might not join voice chat but I would love to do some raiding on Destiny.

  15. Steam: pdfmafia (gamerpic is of a large mans back flexing)

    Xbox: Mr Panda Turtle

    Haven’t really been playing a whole lot recently, but could definitely use more friends to play with if we have anything to play together! Especially on PC

  16. maggotshero on steam! I’m buying Battalion 1944 when I get home, and i’m also looking for people to play Apex Legends with as soon as I redownload it, and whatever random bullshittery we could get into is fine too. I need friends.

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