8 thoughts on “Marvel’s Avengers — Kamala Khan NYCC Announcement Trailer”

  1. It’s cool that they have Kamala as a playable character, but now I notice that this game is going to try and attempt to be quippy and ten-jokes-a-minute like the films are… and I’m not sure I like it.

  2. One of my favorite characters! I love the matured look of the character and I like the voicing of the character. Her interactions with Bruce is fun. The character models keep looking better & better. Eases up the tension

  3. [Literature Devil gives a great explanation of everything wrong with Kamala Kahn](https://youtu.be/4JSyPIETzyo) and she seems to be staying precisely in her terrible character here. In this trailer, Bruce is acting bad, Tony is acting bad, but Mary Sue always has all the answers.

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