23 thoughts on “Me vs my family”

  1. Original post was made by u/Thomas1VL on r/memes but I thought it fot better here. Go give him some love if you would like.

    (I don’t know how to make it so you can go to the original post by tapping on the picture so this is the best I could do)

  2. I was playing apex from 19:30 – 5:30 until I realised I should’ve gone to sleep on Friday. Felt it yesterday when I went to play again (same time) but fell asleep as soon as I jumped on my bed, woke up at 10:30 realising I hadn’t played anything.

  3. I finally got to play a game for about 3 hours last night.

    Enjoyed it very much. Haven’t had time for games in a long time.

    Was mystic guardian for Android.

  4. Hits a bit close to home. You try to come home from a 3 hour training session (distance running, so covering 25-30 km in intervals, hills, fartlek and occassional sprints) and then get actual progress on Azshara.

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