42 thoughts on “Me wiff best pc”

  1. oooh man that game was ‘the shooter game at home’ for me, My parents didn’t allow me to play the real shooter games because they were too violent so I played this for hours on hours haha.

  2. Do we have word on VRAM usage?

    My furyx has no problem with the witcher 3 at a constant 60fps at 1440p but some newer games seem to use 6-8gb of VRAM just because the newer cards have access to it.

    Like that cooking simulator game that looks like a game from before 2010 runs like shit on my pc becuase it uses 8gb of VRAM.

  3. I remember the days when I used to play GTA 5 on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. Half the world wouldn’t render while driving so half the time I was running into invisible objects.

  4. I’ll be waiting a year or so for this. My PC has the power but ever since I had my daughter I can’t justify spending $60 on a game. Maybe holiday sales next year 🙂

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