29 thoughts on “Metro Exodus coming to Windows 10 Store”

  1. Looks like being patient has paid off. I wonder if it will be added to Game Pass with the other Metro games.

  2. With Metro Exodus coming to the Windows store, this sort of confirms one of the clauses of the exclusivity contract being that you can sell your game on any platform, but just not on Steam.

  3. Is really legal to pay money to a producer to not sell to a single competitor? This specific level of targeting seems super sketchy. Would it be legal for Walmart to decide it wants to drive gamestop out of business so they decide to pay Microsoft and Sony to only not sell to Gamestop? Best Buy and Target are ok but here’s some money to fuck just gamestop…..

  4. How ironic, hmmm?


    **Will Metro Exodus ever return to Steam?**
    Yes – Metro Exodus will return to Steam and on other store fronts after 14th February 2020.

  5. This game isn’t good enough for anyone to go through the hassle of dealing with Windows 10 App Store.

    I have three games from the store, Forza Horizon 3 and 4 and Motorsport 7. It’s by far the worst App Store on the market right now. UWP games you can’t access the game files or saves, you change account, hardware or reformat then kiss your save games goodbye. The account sync function doesn’t work. You can only play the game when Microsoft’s DRM servers are running well, any hiccups on both end and your game will crash instantly.

    Also, windows 10 doesn’t care you’re running an UWP game or not because it will go ahead and perform windows update, memory super fetch and fragmentation in the background driving your FPS to single digit.

    The whole thing is just gross incompetent.

  6. This is incredibly sleazy. Specifically targeting a platform in order to destroy it speaks volume about the company enacting these deals.

    It doesn’t help that the targeted platform is almost the most consumer-friendly, widespread and feature-rich of the entire gaming industry.

  7. So.. Does that mean that Epic’s exclusivity deal extends to 1 year only off steam – or after so many months on Epic’s store they can sell anywhere *but* steam until the next year?

  8. >A later press release we received from Deep Silver explained that the game will return to Steam a year after release. “Metro Exodus will return to Steam and on other store fronts after 14 February 2020.”

    I guess the sales were… well like they said: alright. Everything got paid. Uffff.

  9. I only buy from steam/gog since that is where my huge libraries are at and don’t want my stuff spread to multiple services with different launchers, so I just would not get it until it showed up there regardless. However, with how the publisher acted with being a sellout and EGS being flat out scum, I just do not care about the game anymore and even if it showed up on steam, I just wont get it.

  10. TOO LATE. I already pirates and played through it. I would have paid for it if were released on steam. I still might do so for some GOTY edition down the road…IF it’s released on steam….

  11. I decided, as a matter of principle, to not give my money to this publisher now or in a year when they decided to take the soup from Epic. This news has made me twice as sure that I made the right call.

  12. This only proves that Sweeney’s comment that they’ll stop with exclusivity deals if Steam lowers their percentage of sales, is pure bullshit.

    Microsoft’s allowed to sell the game despite taking the same 30% cut as everyone else.

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