38 thoughts on “Midnight Ghost Hunt, play as either Ghosts or Ghost Hunters!”

  1. Super excited for this game! Been watching it’s progress from Alpha through the Beta, though I’ve not yet gotten the chance to actually play it. Looking forward to trying it out!

  2. Is no one going to mention Geist? This looks like if Geist was remade with multi-player only, which is awesome.

  3. Thanks for checking it out guys! What do you think of the new weapon mechanic? Trying to gather some feedback!

  4. This guy bought Reddit upvotes for advertising this game on this sub 6 months ago and here he is doing it again. watch it get to an insane amount of upvotes

  5. Reminds me of poltergeist on the genesis from back in the day, glad I came across this super excited to try it out

  6. I have a question: how did you make it an enjoyable experience for the ghost-hunters? When I played prop hunt in gmod, I always found seeking boring. What can you do as a hunter that’s different?

    It looks like a great game, with great graphics! I’m excited for it’s release!

  7. Played the last Beta (Alpha??) with a group of friends and sometimes random people who joined. We had a blast! Lots of laughs, lots of silliness.


    Give it a go if you get the chance!

  8. From my experience in the last alpha, this game is a ton of fun with friends. It’s prophunt and more, and there is just so many serious moments and laughable moments. Ghosts have classes so to speak and each item they can possess has a unique ability too (doors can swing open, statues can swing their sword, etc)

    I highly recommend this one to game groups, but I don’t have enough experience playing solo to make comments on.

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