Anyone else disappointed? The only console players you can encounter are the odd few that are partied with a pc player as well. 80% or so of the cod population is just walled off from us entirely.

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10 thoughts on “Modern Warfare PC segregation”

  1. Its input based match making right? So if you play with a controller I’m pretty sure you get batched with everybody

  2. What, do you want them to pair controller users against m&k users? That wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

  3. It is really easy to solve all your CoD population problems. Stop buying the new shit games and play CoD 2 or CoD4 bro, those are still alive with plenty of servers full of people. Newer ones are so unlikely to eclipse them besides a surge at launch, about 15 new CoD games failed since.

    Also you can play Battalion 1944 right now very with similar gameplay with built in competitive matchmaking and growing population suggests it will be alive for a while at least.

  4. Ready for the downvotes but good. I wish I didnt have to buy fps (cod/bf) on console but I do. Thanks script kids.

  5. Its okay that Kb+m shouldn’t be in the same lobby as consoles. But I hope that the game is able to turn off my kb+m inputs so I can play in console lobbies by connecting a controller to PC.

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