When are developers going to realise we don’t want games like this. What happened to play play play games? Now we have pay pay pay games. The community deserves better it’s getting out of hand. There is a choice to buy or not but the kids of today are being sucked into this monetization. And what does this teach them? “You need money to be the best?” Kids are playing piggy in the middle between their parents and the developers. Parents are having to constantly remind their children that you don’t need to pay for shortcuts in life and if you persevere and try your best to improve your skills then you will be rewarded at no extra cost. I remember the days when you played games and had a ton of fun with your friends at no extra costs. And if there where extra content to be had if wasn’t staring you in the fucking face every time you played. It was dlc mostly new maps where you could justify the price more. Too much pier pressure is being put on our kids these days and game monetization ain’t helping. Let’s have more games where skills win Vs monetization.

Edit update;
I’m all for character customisations for a small fee, but it’s the shortcuts/advantages for game progression in the form of weapons etc that doesn’t feel right if there are no game mechanics to balance this out.

If you have a gaming competition, eSports for example. Every player plays with the same equipment. And at the end of the gaming event that player/team knows they have won the game with their playing skill 100% and it feels amazing knowing pure skill won you the game. After all isn’t this what gaming is all about “Skill”? Your ability to win the game through skill alone.

Some games do add small iterations of the example above through different game types. Everyone starts with same gun in round one, then onto next gun up from that and so on. You get the idea. “Ranking up through skill” is classed as skill based with no purchases involved. The eSports feeling in games is so far away now that it’s never coming back.

If you have that eSports feeling in a game be sure to let me know, because I’m guessing there is not many AAA games left out there now that are purely 100% skill based across the whole game in the FPS genre with no pay to win.

The only winners winning the game are the developers.

More balance is needed for the future of the gaming industry.

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9 thoughts on “Monitization an opinion.”

  1. It’ll stop when people stop buying it. The fact is the “whales” are the reasons we have these problems. The gamers spending thousands on cosmetics. Some games do it fine. Like how League used to. Some skins or whatever if you want them, but relatively cheap and you could pretty much ignore it.

    I agree, though. It’s gotten stupid. But there are still some games that do that out there. Monster Hunter as an example. No advertising as far as I know.

  2. They’ll realise we don’t want games like this when people stop buying games like this and purchasing microtransactions. Simple really.

  3. The reasoning is why make 50 million dollars profit when you can add micro transactions and make 150 million dollars profit.

    I do agree with you that games nowadays feel like they are designed by the company as an investment service, rather than designed as entertainment.

  4. It will never stop, whales are either unaware of the problem or even proud of their absurd expenditure, their buying power is such that they can compensate for nearly a dozen other potential customers who are turned away by overreaching monetization. You could lose half your potential customers and still come out on top when the whales who engage with these systems put a couple hundred to a thousand dollars each into your pocket.


    This was presented at GDC several years ago, it’s pretty much the roadmap of how monitezation would get out of hand.

    Forgetting whales for a moment even dolphins make the state of affairs worth it, someone buying a skin or 2 will generate the same revenue as a full blown DLC or map pack, at a tiny fraction of the development cost.

  5. >When are developers going to realise we don’t want games like this.

    The problem is, no matter how much we don’t like it, that people seem to want games like this. People keep paying for them, they keep buying these games and buying microtransactions and supporting these practices. Microtransaction filled games are the most popular games in the world and some of the most financially successful games ever and it’s not stopping, this market in China for example is absolutely massive and rest of the world is nothing to sneeze at, of course devs want a piece of that pie and will only keep focusing more and more on that, why wouldn’t they?

    The new Call of Duty mobile for example has been downloaded some 40 million times now probably, and if even 1% of them buys microtransactions, that’s hundreds thousands of people buying them and feeding into this.

    Honestly, there’s nothing developers or publishers should do but keep pushing and pushing it and see how far they can go, there’s no stopping people from buying into these games and making it profitable. It’s naive to think it’ll stop when people stop buying them, because it simply won’t happen. Unicorns would exist if they only existed, but that’s not the reality. People can’t stop themselves, publishers won’t stop themselves. Only way to deal with this are some heavy handed government regulations that force them to do something about it.

  6. Kids are more interested in how their character looks then anything else. I doubt time saver cheats are anywhere near skins if we were to look at the bulk of microtransactions.

  7. Because the people complaining about it are in a minority in forums online. You’re saying “when are developers going to realize we don’t want games like this” but the money they’re making says completely otherwise. I don’t buy micro transactions really of any kind in a game I pay full price for, I don’t like it. But my friends want to have a good time and for them 10$ on lootboxes here and there is enjoyable for them. The problem with our community is that we are enthusiasts and we don’t take the time to see the perspective of someone who doesn’t take this hobby as seriously as we do.

  8. >When are developers going to realise

    Developers never have a saying in these matters. It’s some (dick)head of the company or shareholders/investors deciding how much of a profits game should return. Then it’s passed one level down below in corporate ladder, I’m assuming these people calculate numbers and divide it between sales and microtransactions(I’m gonna refer this as mc), then come up with employee goals.

    By the time it reaches to developer levels, it’d be something like couple weeks to finish the store, then work on actual game. Have you ever seen a bug on the marketplace of mc based games? I know it’s fucking hard to implement your own(in-house) payment options on a website, so it must be even harder on games.

    Have you all forgotten how Assassin’s Creed games suddenly became better? Ubi used to shit out one game after another on a yearly basis. When people stopped buying them, some corporate dickheads finally came up with genius idea; “we realize that if we make better games, people will buy them”. This was a summary from an official fucking interview of someone with cool title at ubi.

  9. Copy + pasting part of this from another thread

    The era of microtransactions and service games is over. Except for the big dogs like Activision-Blizzard, 2K, or EA, which have brands so massive that their fanbases can decline year after year and still sell millions. Battlefield V flopped. FO76 flopped. Anthem flopped. Wolfenstein Youngblood flopped. Far Cry New Dawn flopped. Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Gears 5 are in the process of flopping. Apex Legends is continually losing relevance as EA tries to force in more and more bullshit. Bethesda killed their brand in a span of a couple months with several service games that were all terrible and all died on the market. The success stories of the year are games like Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry V, Code Vein, Bloodstained, Fire Emblem, Astral Chain, Smash, Sekiro, Monster Hunter Iceborne, games with no or very limited microtransactions that had an appropriate budget and passionate developers, and best of all, were good, complete games.

    OP there’s no reason to continue buying these shitty games. If you want a multiplayer shooter get Insurgency Sandstorm, Squad, ARMA, or the upcoming Halo ports. If you want a co-op game get Monster Hunter World, Code Vein, Insurgency Sandstorm, or the upcoming Halo ports. If you want a fun singleplayer game get Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, RE2, DMCV, Sekiro, Code Vein, Amid Evil, Ion Maiden, any of the Yakuza games, Greedfall, or, of course, the upcoming Halo ports.

    The live service model will continue for the games that can get away with it, and won’t for the games where they can’t. The games that can are F2P games and brands that are big enough to where the audience will buy it regardless (think CoD or sports games). The games that can’t are the many live service, microtransaction-based games that flopped over the past two years. Publishers will either need to adapt and start making good games again, or have their series bleed money into irrelevancy.

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