10 thoughts on “Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom PC Edition will release on Steam and GOG on July 25th, 2019”

  1. A platformer where you shapeshift into animals to solve puzzles. So basically Shantae?

    Not complaining, just trying to better understand what this game is about.

  2. AND GOG?! Have to love the DRM-free option. Great to see!

    This is an amazing game, BTW. I have it for PS4 and it’s great. Highly recommended.

  3. Not interested as long as it exclusively supports XInput controllers.

    I don’t want to have to use 3rd party key remapping software for a game I pay money for.

  4. Is this… “inspired” by that other game that looks nearly identical in style and characters, Wonderboy?

  5. I see a 2d game with this kind of artwork, and ultrawide support, it’s an automatic buy. Wish more 2D games had it.

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