9 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Story Trailer”

  1. Holy shit it looks amazing. The monsters look fucking awesomely badass. I can’t wait to kill them. What monster were they teasing right at the end? The Rathalos looking one was staring down something else behind the hunter.

  2. Stopped playing when it came to an halt (grind and repetition didn’t feel worth it in such a small world).

    That said, those first 25 hours were great.

  3. I wonder how well this will do with Dauntless being free to play.

    Edit: Thanks for all the downvotes for an unbiased question.

  4. I loved MHW for a while, but when I realized you’re basically grinding the same few monster ad-infinitum my interest died near-instantly. Was a bummer because I really enjoyed the combat, I’d never played a game like it. Now all I can think of is fighting the same monster dozens, maybe hundreds of times just to get a piece of gear to do it over and it makes it impossible to get back into. Wish I could wipe my brain of that realization

  5. Any time I see Monster Hunter trailers I can’t unsee the terrible character creations made by some twitch streamers lol.

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