Most of the car/racing games I know, when you press the acceleration (W/arrow) key, they go full throttle. Why they(Devs) don't just make it smoothly and slowly accelerating?

I don’t know, I was jut thinking about it suddenly…

EDIT: never mind, I found this video and some games have this “smoothly” acceleration start, but other just goes full throttle crazy

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12 thoughts on “Most of the car/racing games I know, when you press the acceleration (W/arrow) key, they go full throttle. Why they(Devs) don’t just make it smoothly and slowly accelerating?”

  1. The last Racing Game I played, NFS Underground 2 on PS2, let you assign the right analog stick to throttle/break, and this way you could accelerate smoother.
    Pressing a key just makes sense to go digital (no throttle/full throttle)

  2. Yeah, because I totally want slow and smooth acceleration when I’m neck-to-neck heading towards the finish line.

    If you want analog inputs get a controller, steering wheels or one of those new keyboards with analog inputs.

  3. The only advantage of having a smooth accelerator would be in sim games, especially when driving RWD cars. There, going from 0 to 100 instantly makes the handling a lot more difficult for keyboard users because of oversteer and loss of tractions.

    Most games aren’t simulators though, they are arcade, like NFS, GRID, Forza, most of the popular titles. There, having a smooth accelerator doesn’t really have a purpose. You always want to go as fast as you can, and most of the time don’t care about oversteer in such games. Having it be progressive will lose you out on *a lot* of acceleration, certainly losing you time if you’re up against people who have a “digital” throttle.

  4. It’s not worth it to them to develop that when very few people buy a racing game to play with a keyboard, and apparently even fewer want that kind of functionality.

  5. Because keyboards are digital and not analog. You need an analog devices. On keyboard there is only on and off, there is no in between like in anolog.

    Your idea is terrible because you wouldn’t be able to control the rate of acceleration, the game would, and that takes control out of your hands and can be detrimental to winning the race.

  6. They could easily program acceleration to go more smoothly given an digital input, but usually don’t bother.

    I think Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a system were the faster you go the less you steer (it’s adjustable in settings). The same system could be used for acceleration.

    There are analog keyboards, but the short travel of the keys makes that feature almost useless anyways.

  7. Most keyboards are digital and not analog. If you want an analog keyboard get the Wooting One or just get a Xbox Controller or a DS4 and play your racing games with it.

  8. Enable traction and stability control and use automatic or a no-clutch manual. Those are the assists you are looking for.

    You’re probably not taking the game seriously if you’re using a keyboard to drive. If you are, just get a wheel, it’s worth it, or a controller if it’s an arcade racer.

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