16 thoughts on “Mudrunner’s sequel, SnowRunner, is coming in 2020 on PC through the Epic Games Store”

  1. i see in this case is more about the developer rather than the publisher

    only saber games are high seas exclusive, other focus home games aren’t

  2. this is absolute trashing on community, without steam workshop is this game really a thing? well no backtrack right now i need steam release!

  3. LOL.

    Steam Workshop is the only reason to play Mudrunner. Good luck with Epic and a mod-free version of re-skinned Mudrunner, you’re gonna need it.

  4. Shame, loved Mudrunners, and even bought and played the one before that, which I forget the name of. They won’t get my further support with this.

  5. :/

    I wish I didn’t have to make this face so much on this sub. Everything seems to be mediocre news on the PC side of things lately.

  6. I bought a mud runner game on sale one day for like 90% off or something. It was still too much spent. No wonder the publisher took the Nitecash. It’s a mediocre game with plenty of chance for failure.

    I guess it’s a neat mud simulator though…..

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