38 thoughts on “My buddies birthday cake. It turned out really well!”

  1. When I have friends, I want them to get me a cake like this except Dragon Age Grey Warden logo, the Griffin is so badass

  2. Please tell me you laced it with some sleeping aid, only for him to wake up in a moving horse drawn cart with some long haired guy opposite of him saying “You’re finally awake”

  3. This works out for me. I have a buddy with the same name who isn’t 25 yet. I’m saving this image for him to text him a picture of it on his birthday before I leave to take it to his house. When I get there I’ll just tell him I dropped it carrying it out to the car. Whoops.

  4. The real question is does the top fold back and on the inside, inscribed in frosting, is there a choice excerpt from, “The Lusty Argonian Maid”?

  5. I like that you played this straight and said it came out well, rather than the typical Reddit “my wife is embarrassed by how bad her cake cake out, convince her it’s good by upvoting me!!” nonsense.

  6. Eating a tome doesn’t give you magic. You have to sleep with it under your pillow and absorb the magic with osmosis.

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