31 thoughts on “My fiance made the table numbers for our wedding!”

  1. This is pretty rad and looking at them, I realized just how frozen into my memory the logos for 4, 7, 8 and 9 will ALWAYS be xD Especially FF7’s logo, the only game I can vividly recall from start to finish and I haven’t replayed it in over a decade lol

  2. Unless every single person invited to your wedding is a gamer that plays FF you’ll have to explain why these are significant. My guess is no since most main stream gamers don’t play FF.

    At least the two of you will know.

  3. The guests at tables II and III are gonna show up late, but until then the seats will be saved by the guests from tables IV and VI.

  4. ‘Honey, we can’t invite your whole family, there are only so many Final Fantasy games…’

    *Edit- Don’t know how i didn’t get eviscerated for my there autocorrect issue.

  5. I know people hate on gaming themed weddings but I like anything that breaks up the utter monotony of most weddings

  6. God I miss XI, can you believe people are still playing that? And it’s still a monthly subscription game!

  7. The grandparents are like “Fuckin’ table XI? I never played it cause I wasn’t gonna pay 12.95 a month”

  8. That is really cool, did a good job with it too

    Id want table 7, which in turn introduced me to the rest of the tables

  9. To Zanarkand by Distant Worlds was my and my husbands first dance song. Congrats on your big day to come!

  10. That looks cool! But some of them are a bit hard to read, like IV and VI. II is also a bit hard to read.

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