34 thoughts on “My first oh shit moment gaming as a child”

  1. The multiplayer on this is still so, so fun. We only ever play on the bridge level so we can snipe from the church

    Edit: I meant the split screen mp on Frontline for Gamecube

  2. I was an adult for this game, but all my years playing games and wanting that immersed game feel came together in this game, on that beach. Was a very intense experience with a good tv and surround sound.

  3. Love shooting the helmets off of Nazis, then shooting their limbs to watch them shake it off, and finally shooting them in the head. MOH had awesome interactions and animations.

    So stoked for the new one coming out. It’s in VR, though, so not many will get to play it. Hopefully adoption will increase when it’s released.

  4. I was fresh out of college and tried to get the history teacher to make that section of the game part of the curriculum. I was denied, but I stick by the suggestion.

  5. I remember playing this game and seeing Saving Private Ryan around the same time as a kid. I thought MoH was a SPR video game adaption.

  6. Man these were some of my best memories as a kid, my mom divorced my dad and we would visit on wednesdays and every second weekend and we would play this on wednesday after our scouts meeting. It took us forever to get off the beach, once we got past blowing up the barbwire we couldnt figure out how to get into the bunker, we had fun though and eventually found the way. Thanks dad, I know things were tough but you gave us a childhood through gaming scouts and bringing us to the hockey rink after closing hours because your friends iced the rink overnight.

  7. Opening the door to Hitler with double chain guns in the first Wolfenstein was mine. Scariest moment in a video game until I played FEAR was walking around in that game in the dark thinking the whole place was clear and out of the blue hearing “HALT DOG!”

  8. Dear God no, this thing was bloody insane, just pure bloody luck if you made it. Really hit me once I looked up some survival percentages…

  9. Sadly that was the first oh shit moment for a lot of young men during WWII….some little older than children…..can’t even imagine the guts it took to go onto that beach.

  10. This game is where I got my username, I’ve been using it on most platforms to this day.

    That game left me with such incredible memories. I played through it more times than I can count.

    I’m going to see if it’s on steam so I can buy it, I used to play it on GameCube back in the day.

  11. You could look behind you before the front of the transport opened. On of the soldiers was crying and another throws up. Too realistic.

  12. Omaha Beach in multiplayer is the closest you’ll get to experiencing the chaos and fear of the real battle. Because whereas in singleplayer you easily survive, in multiplayer you just die. There’s nothing you can do about it, there’s no way of really playing it safe, you just have to keep pushing and pray to whatever gods you believe in that one of your teammates gets shot instead of you, and that’s pretty fucked up when you think about it.

    *”Oh mighty Thor protect me, please make it so that xX1337Gh0s7kill3rXx dies instead of me. I sacrificed a goat to you, motherfucker. Don’t you screw me on this.”*

  13. I remember thinking what kind of terrible plan is this. We land in boats get gunned down in mass? Generals would be smarter than this. I was like 11 so I had no idea how it went down.

  14. What a game. I dont like remasterd games, but would like to see this one in remasterd edtion. Because I too was like “oh shit!” when I first played it.

  15. I played this game for the first time earlier this year and I was blown away at the fact that a 15+ year old game managed to captivate me like this. The last few levels are some of the best I ever played in a FPS. There underground level where everything is on fire and is falling apart is just epic. Also, the boss battle is something you rarely see in a FPS. The soundtrack is amazing as well.

    And can we please talk about the opening poem? Talk about setting the mood for what’s to come.


    *And when he gets to heaven*

    *To Saint Peter he will tell*

    *One more soldier reporting, sir*

    *I’ve served my time in Hell*

  16. MOH:AA is one of my all-time favorite games, and this was probably my favorite level – but not because it was fun. It was probably the 10th-15th try of my first play-through when I dropped my mouse in frustration and the stark realization that real men experienced this, and here I was frustrated at my ability to pass a level in a video game. It was no game for them, and this was the closest I’d ever get to experiencing what they went through. I embraced that, and was humbled by this game.

    I broke down for a while thinking about the impossibility of getting out of that boat. Watching your friends and fellow soldier die in front of you by the tens and hundreds. The second the ramp drops, it’s all over for the first few rows of men. They had no chance. They became shields for those behind them. I can’t imagine anything more terrifying that what those men experienced that day.

  17. After clearing the beach and running into the bunkers, you could return to the beach and it would be empty, yet all the battlefield sounds were still blasting. Young me had some good chuckles at that.

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