43 thoughts on “My Gf made this and I’m in love with it”

  1. You’re allowed to say you made this yourself, you know… Especially since you have other posts on your profile showing that you make stuff like this. Unless you were stealing your GF’s thunder back then?

  2. For the longest time I was looking at the picture thinking it’s a cake. Then I got mad at why OP wrote gf made a cake when this isn’t even a cake. So I read the title again, and i went through the comments, nobody mentioned anything about a cake. Then it hit me, I had cake a few minutes ago.

  3. First lizards inside microwave displays, now Snorelax popping out of Gameboy displays? Reddit sure does love infested electronics today.

    For real though, this is really cool!

  4. Looking at his profile he’s an artist and has made lots of other pokimon related things like this. It wasn’t his GF, who doesn’t exist. Reddit karma farming in full force

  5. “Hey have you seen my game boy with all my saves?”
    “Yeah it’s right here, I turned it into grass”

  6. Any girl who acknowledges you gaming habits and makes gifts that correspond to them is a keeper in my book.

    Don’t you let that one slip away OP.

  7. I like it, fuck all the inevitable comments screaming about the destruction of a Gameboy. There isn’t a shortage of Gameboys. Calm down.

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