45 thoughts on “My grandpa has been playing diablo for 16 years and recently got his AlienWear computer he loves it”

  1. Your Grandpa might like Grim Dawn by Crate Entertainment, available on Steam. I personally feel that it’s much more of a spiritual successor to Diablo 2 in terms of game design than Diablo 3 was.

  2. There’s two monsters I love, because I never seem to have to worry about what level they are and when they spawn.

  3. AlienWear would be a great name for them to use for a clothing line.

    Also props to your Gramps for being awesome : )

  4. Damn, fully expected to see a bunch of people shitting on it being an Alienware laptop lol. That’s awesome though, I got my grandpa an Xbox one a couple years back since he can’t play golf anymore and he’s been killing it on the rory mcilroy one. Incredible to see honestly, guy was born in ’29 and didn’t have electricity or plumbing until he was 13. By that age I already had multiple controllers memorized lol

  5. I recognize that laptop, I would highly recommend he get a cooling pad, all that power in a tiny space they tend to run really hot. I guess at least Diablo 3 isn’t to intensive.

  6. OP. In all honesty. I have the Diablo 3 mouse pad, from the collectors edition. Used but, great shape. If you want I’ll gladly send it to him!

  7. How long before grandparents playing games becomes a regular thing? Personally I can’t wait for it, hitting retirement and chilling every day on the PS8 with the bois. It’s like being a kid again, life really does go full circle doesn’t it

  8. i think if your grandpa likes more diversity in his gameplay, I highly suggest Path of Exile. there’s also tradable currency and craftings too!

  9. I’m digging these threads about elderly folks gaming! Hopefully I’ll still be playing *Shadow of the Colossus* when I’m a geezer. **:)**

  10. This is what the gaming community should be about. Not so divisive over who likes what or devs not creating there games to everyone’s standards. We should view gaming this way and just be happy.

  11. I got an AlienWare laptop on sale during tax season. It’s a beast. I know it’s paying for brand but I think it was worth it.

  12. Honestly, tell him to get into Path of Exile, it’s what Diablo 3 should have been. It’s definitely a challenge, but he will be so happy!

  13. Typing “AlienWear” is making me so fucking angry

    I’d say irrationally angry, but I actually think it’s justifiable and rational.

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