36 thoughts on “My Lara Croft cosplay :)”

  1. Great cosplay, but I can’t help but see this as if actor David Krumholtz was cosplaying as Croft.

    Edit: with all due respect

  2. Thank you for looking like you’ve actually been out raiding a tomb and getting injured and such. You look marvelous!

  3. Good cosplay, its nice to see actual normal people doing cosplay posted here instead of the paid models we see all the time.

  4. You make a bad ass Lara. You look even more badass than the original Lara.

    You could totes pull off Xena. Iโ€™m insanely jealous of this lol.

  5. This has to be a hybrid costume design , those massive *shorts* are definitely psx lara , the accessories are definitely from the series reboot.

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