29 thoughts on “My righteous alternative unofficial gaming flag (without a bloody watermark)”

  1. I think it is even on spot pointing out that quite a few PC gamers get a switch as a sidekick/mobile gaming solution.

  2. How I know video games don’t cause gun violence:

    Gamers are too busy wincing about a flag being “PC Elitism” to be shooting up public places.

    Cool flag, OP. Thanks for the effort.

  3. Love this! PC will always be my go-to because of its sheer horsepower but I love my consoles too! I play no favorites either, I enjoy games from any platform as long as they are good.

  4. This is actually fantastic! Feels like a nice balance and very aesthetic. Now we just need to be nice to each other..

  5. I pledge allegiance

    To the motherboard

    Of the United front of r/gaming

    And to the republic for which it stands

    4 platforms

    Under Pong

    To the gamers


    With no loot boxes and free data for all

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