27 thoughts on ““My son will understand””

  1. Once met a dude on R6 who said that if he won more matches than his gf within a certain amount of time then they’d have sex. Needless to say, he won. That is my crowning achievement, getting a stranger laid on a video game.

  2. I haven’t played Dota in years. The last time I played I had just got back from the hospital were my dad was being treated for cancer. I decided to play a game with a friend to take my mind off it. Half way through the game, I got a call that his health was rapidly deteriorating and that I should come back right away. Quickly told everyone that I was sorry but my dad was dying in the hospital so I had to leave.

    Of course, no one believed me and some called me a leaver and piece of shit. I get that they had no reason to believe me but if someone told me their dad was dying and they had to go, I think I would take them at their word. I mean, if someone would lie about the death of a parent to get out of a game of Dota, nothing you say will mean anything to them anyway.

  3. I dont think any son ever in all of human history has said: “Dad, I sure wish you had been there to see me in mom’s vagina”

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